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Daniel Farley, 5th Ranger Battalion, Omaha Beach, Passed 30 December 2017

01/12/2018 2:01 PM | Don Harris

Daniel Farley was born in Kayford, West Virginia on May 4, 1924 and joined the Army during his Senior year of High School.

He later volunteered to be trained as a Ranger by British Commandos in Achnacarry, Scotland. His stated reason for volunteering for the Rangers was he wanted to "fight with the best."

After having been discovered to be part American Indian he was made "Lead Scout." A position that put him on "Point" many times during the war.
On June 6th, 1944 he went ashore on Dog White, Omaha Beach with the 5th Ranger Battalion commanded by Lt. Colonel Max Schneider.

After becoming separated from the rest of the 5th Dan, along with 2 Officers and 20 EM of 1st Platoon, Able Company under the command of Lt. Charles "Ace" Parker, fought their way overland to Pointe Du Hoc to reinforce the 2nd Ranger Battalion, under Lt. Colonel James Rudder.

Arriving at approx. 2100 (Double Daylight Saving Time) those 23 Officers and EM were the only element of 5th Rangers to fulfill their D-Day mission on D-Day.

He and his fellow 5th Rangers went on to fight from Grandcamp Maisy and Brest, France, being behind German lines for 9 days at Zerf, Germany, to helping with the Liberation of Buchenwald Concentration Camp.

Five years later, when the Korean War began, Dan would again find himself fighting in a Ranger company there.

Daniel Farley, Jr. died peacefully on the morning of December 30, 2017.

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