2015 USARA Scholarship Program

               Application process has begun...

The USARA Scholarship Committee is accepting online requests for application for this year’s program. Click here for detailed information about the USARA Scholarship Program and 2015  scholarship process schedule.

  • Applicants must complete the request for application form on the USARA website
  • Immediately after completing and submitting the online form, the applicant will receive a receipt confirmation from USARA by email.
  • Your request and information provided will be reviewed and verified. If we have questions we will email you.
  • If you are determined eligible, on or about February 28, 2015, you will receive notification with links to the instructions and the scholarship application.
  • Application submission deadline to USARA Scholarship Committee is Midnight (EDT), Saturday April 18, 2015. By that time, the entire applications packet and required attachments must be uploaded in accordance with instructions.  The Scholarship Committee Chair will review and verify all submissions.

The USARA Legacy Scholarship is supported by donations from USARA members and public donations. The number of scholarships to be awarded annually will vary based on funding; however, the scholarships will not exceed $3,000 per awardee and will be no less than $1,000. The First Lieutenant Dimitri A. del Castillo Scholarship is supported by his family and public donations. The number of scholarships to be awarded annually will vary; the scholarship is $5,000 per awardee.

Go to the Application Request Form  

If you have any questions please contact Tom Evans, USARA Executive Vice President and Scholarship Chair at by email at ranger06tom@aol.com or by telephone at (310) 827-1491.

Important: Only the student intending to apply for this scholarship should complete the Application Request form as it links the applicant directly to the application process and ultimately to the submitted application. We track IP addresses for security purposes. If anyone other than the intended student submits the request for application or any other part of the application, the student will be disqualified.

The USARA Scholarship is competitive; each applicant is expected to follow instructions provided.

Ranger Event Schedule

03/06/2015 9:30 AM • Fort Benning, Georgia
03/09/2015 • Vicenza, Italy
03/19/2015 (MDT) • White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico
04/03/2015 9:30 AM • Fort Benning, Georgia
04/10/2015 6:00 AM • Fort Benning, Georgia
04/17/2015 10:00 AM • Fort Benning, Georgia
04/18/2015 (CDT) • Lawrence, Kansas
04/24/2015 • Fort Polk, Louisiana
04/24/2015 9:30 AM • Fort Benning, Georgia
05/02/2015 (PDT) • San Diego, California
05/21/2015 10:00 AM • Fort Benning, Georgia
05/24/2015 • Washington, DC
05/24/2015 8:00 PM • Washington, DC
06/04/2015 • Portland, Oregon
06/19/2015 9:30 AM • Fort Benning, Georgia





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USARA Event Schedule

03/28/2015 5:00 PM (CDT) • Wheaton, Illinois
04/01/2015 • Atlanta, Georgia
06/20/2015 4:00 PM (CDT) • Minneapolis, Minnesota
08/10/2015 • Columbus, Georgia



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